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Risk Factor Booklets for Latinos

Get all 6 booklets in the Healthy Hearts, Healthy Homes/Corazones sanos, hogares saludables series and save. Presented in a user-friendly format in both English and Spanish, the series is a perfect tool to use with Hispanics.

To find out more about the booklets in this combination, and view/download the electronic versions, follow this link to the Healthy Heart, Healthy Homes listing.

This kit contains the following item(s):

  • Healthy Hearts, Healthy Homes - Are You at Risk for Heart Disease?/Corazones sanos, hogares saludables - ¿Está usted en riesgo de enfermarse del corazón?
  • Healthy Hearts, Healthy Homes - Keep the Beat: Control Your High Blood Pressure/Corazones sanos, hogares saludables - Cuide su vida: Controle su presión arterial alta
  • Healthy Hearts, Healthy Homes - Do You Know Your Cholesterol Levels?/Corazones sanos, hogares saludables - ¿Cómo están sus niveles de colesterol?
  • Healthy Hearts, Healthy Homes - Do You Need to Lose Weight?/Corazones sanos, hogares saludables - ¿Necesita bajar de peso?
  • Healthy Hearts, Healthy Homes - Protect Your Heart Against Diabetes/Corazones sanos, hogares saludables - Proteja su corazón contra la diabetes
  • Healthy Hearts, Healthy Homes - Enjoy Living Smoke Free/Corazones sanos, hogares saludables - Goce de la vida sin el cigarrillo

Item No.: KT-051
Availability: Print (Information about file types)
Format: NHLBI produced publications : Color
Page Count: 6 Booklets 14 pages each
Subject: Healthy Heart Healthy Family-Latino Risk Factor Books + Heart Disease
Audience: General Public/Patients
Language: English, Spanish

Date of Publication: 2008