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Headshot of Dr. Richard Childs.
Research Feature
In 2014 when the deadly Ebola virus was spreading like wildfire through parts of West Africa, Rear Admiral Richard Childs, M.D., led a team of physicians, nurses, engineers, and safety inspectors to Monrovia, Liberia to help treat the thousands of patients who had been infected. As the chief medical officer for the U.S. Public Health Service (USHPS...
Mature woman at the doctor, controlling blood pressure
Research Features
Pipeline of smart technologies could expand detection of hypertension, save lives It’s the drill at the start of virtually every doctor or hospital visit: having your blood pressure measured. A technician straps a cuff to your upper arm and tightly inflates it. The beeps begin as a machine generates numbers. The cuff slowly deflates. The tech...
NHLBI in the Press
Heart surgery can save lives, but in some cases, it can also trigger lung and kidney damage and other serious problems for reasons that weren’t clear. Now, NHLBI-sponsored research published in Science Advances has revealed that platelets—blood cells that usually help form clots—set off widespread i
African-american young boy using inhaler outdoors
Today on World Asthma Day, the National Institutes of Health stands with patients, families, advocates, researchers, and health care professionals to raise awareness about this common chronic respiratory disease, the people it affects, and the biomedical research that improves its prevention and treatment. Asthma is a chronic lung disease that...
Man sleeping in bed.
News Release
Suggests that targeting sleep may help prevent diabetes and improve treatment African Americans with severe sleep apnea and other adverse sleep patterns are much more likely to have high blood glucose levels —a risk factor for diabetes—than those without these patterns, according to a new study funded in part by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood...