Will the NHLBI link to my website?

The NHLBI website is a U.S. Government website, and we do not include links on the website to any private or commercial websites and do not allow advertising. Our policy is to link only to other federal government websites or approved program partners that have relevant health and scientific information. 

What is the policy for using the NHLBI logo?

The NHLBI logo can only be used with permission by the Institute. The NHLBI logo is designed to signify official NHLBI products, activities, events, representatives, and facilities. It should never be used to promote or suggest endorsement of non-NHLBI products, events, or services. It should never be used by outside parties to misrepresent the purpose, character, policies, or mission of the NHLBI.

The NHLBI logo consists of a graphic mark that includes the acronym "NIH" and the name of the Institute (spelled out). The arrow-shape of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) mark "points" to the right, implying forward movement and advancement. It also leads the viewers' eyes to the words "National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute." 

nhlbi logo

Note: The NHLBI logo is for Government use only and may only be used with explicit permission from the NHLBI.

In addition, NHLBI program logos  can only be used with permission. The Heart Truth®, Learn More Breathe BetterSM, and We Can! ® are registered trademarks/servicemarks of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 

Logo files are available in JPG, GIF, and EPS formats. Requests for permission to use the NHLBI logo or program logos should be directed to the NHLBI Center for Health Information at nhlbiinfo@nhlbi.nih.gov or 1-877-NHLBI4U (1-877-645-2448).

May I link to the NHLBI website?

Unless noted otherwise, information posted on the NHLBI website within the nhlbi.nih.gov domain is in the public domain. You may link to the NHLBI website from your website without permission.

Other organizations are free to establish links to NHLBI online resources. When establishing links to the Institute’s website, you may not position or create the possible impression that the NHLBI is endorsing or promoting any particular organization, material, product, service, content, or information. 

Is the content on the NHLBI’s website copyrighted or free to use?

Most of the information on the NHLBI website is in the public domain and can be used without restriction. The NHLBI asks only that no changes be made to the publications, videos, images, or other formatted multimedia products and that the material, as well any NHLBI webpage links, not be used in any direct or indirect product endorsement or advertising. Although organizations may add their own logos to published NHLBI materials, organizations may not use the NHLBI logo, or the logos of any programs or initiatives, on other print or digital materials without the Institute’s permission. Please contact us for questions about specific usage of NHLBI content. 

If you use content from NHLBI, please use the following language to cite the source of the materials:

Source: National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute; National Institutes of Health; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

There are a few exceptions. For example, some resources, such as some images on the NHLBI website, have been licensed by a third party and are restricted in their use. Generally, copyrighted materials will include a copyright statement. If in doubt, please write to the contact for that site.