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An older woman holds an inhaler
News Release
About 20–40% of adults with COPD symptoms but who aren’t diagnosed with COPD use these types of long-lasting inhalers Researchers supported by the National Institutes of Health have found that dual bronchodilators – long-lasting inhalers that relax the airways and make it easier to breathe – do little to help people who do not have chronic...
Young woman lies in bed at night while looking at a cell phone.
Research Feature
You’re ready for bed, so you turn off the lights and pull down the shades. Sure, a little light may stream from the sides of the window, or beam from your alarm clock, or TV modem, or cell phone. No big deal, you say? Think again. It turns out that even tiny amounts of nighttime light—from any source—may be harmful to your heart. One recent study...
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