OSPEEC Needs Your Help to Communicate about NHLBI-Funded Research

If you know of NHLBI-funded research that has been accepted for publication in a journal, please notify OSPEEC (Office of Science Policy, Engagement, Education and Communications).

OSPEEC can create promotional opportunities for the research!

Click the button below and please include:

  1. Your name and contact information
  2. Paper title (or working title)
  3. Expected date of publication (if known)
  4. Journal name

NHLBI Paper Accepted Button
  • OSPEEC honors and enforces all embargoes. (No leaks!)
  • OSPEEC calls you first before posting or publishing anything.
  • Sometimes a grantee or a journal lets us know about a pending article. OSPEEC always contacts the program and/or project officer first.

Have questions? Need to submit a paper? Click the button!