Eligible investigators can submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the online global portal. New users should register for an account before submitting your EOIs. Use the academic email address provided by your institution as your contact email. If your email needs to be changed, or if it is not possible for you to use an academic address, contact GCRFFtrials@bhf.org.uk.

Once you have established an account, sign into the application portal and select “My Applications” from the top right of the screen. Choose “Available Grants” from the menu on the left and scroll down to GCRFF Multinational Clinical Trials Expression of Interest. Select “Start” to begin an EOI.

You will be asked to provide contact information and your institution details if not already provided in your portal profile. Complete all pages of the submission form and select “Submit Application” on the summary page. Submission receipt will automatically be confirmed by email, and another email will indicate when the applications will be reviewed.

Next Steps

If Your EOI Was Endorsed 
If the GCRFF Multinational Clinical Trials Initiative Expert Advisory Panel endorses your EOI, you need to apply for funding via the national funders' existing process.

While panel endorsement demonstrates support, it is not a guarantee of funding once an application is submitted.

If Your EOI Was Not Endorsed
If your EOI was not endorsed, you may be invited to resubmit again. We encourage you to consider and incorporate the feedback received from the panel review before resubmitting. Some EOIs may not be asked to resubmit. See the FAQs  for more information.

Eligibility Criteria

Investigators interested in participating in the GCRFF Multinational Clinical Trials Initiative need to meet the following criteria in order to participate:

  • The principal investigator should be a senior researcher working in an established and eligible research institution in a GCRFF member country. They must have a strong track record of grant support and an internationally recognized research profile.
  • The trial should plan to test specific interventions or pathways of care for the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of heart and circulatory diseases. These include drugs, surgery, devices, and psychological, physical and educational interventions.
  • The trial should address an unmet clinical need of importance to people affected by, or at risk of, cardiovascular disease. Its results should have the potential to change clinical practice.
  • There should be a clear need for a multinational trial to answer the clinical question.
  • Investigators should plan to conduct the trial in at least two GCRFF member countries.
  • Investigators are encouraged to explore co-funding beyond GCRFF, but can apply for funding from:
    • GCRFF members
    • Both GCRFF and non-GCRFF member funders
    • Non-GCRFF member funders
  • The EOI must include co-applicants from the countries of the national funders who have been named in the funding request. Co-applicants should be fully engaged in the study development, provide input into the EOI, and, if endorsed, plan to be fully engaged in the funding application process in their respective countries.
  • It should be clear why the trial should be considered for support by the national cardiovascular funders.
  • Trialists are encouraged to have initiated discussions about the trial with relevant funding bodies in the countries where the majority of participants will be recruited.
  • Trialists should provide an estimated total cost for the trial and the requested amounts from each proposed funder. While a detailed cost breakdown is not required at this stage, the total should be a reasonable funding estimate required to successfully deliver the trial, and the amounts attributed to the individual funders should be realistic. The Expert Advisory Panel will take into account whether a trial potentially offers value for money when making endorsement decisions.

Key Deadlines

The advisory committee will review EOIs three times a year. Be sure to submit your EOI proposal prior to these deadlines below in order to be considered for funding. Check back often as new dates will be added once available:

  • May 26, 2023: 9 a.m. BST (4 a.m. ET)
  • Sep. 29, 2023: 9 a.m. BST (4 a.m. ET)