The NHLBI and several of the world’s leading cardiovascular research funders are participating in a global partnership to advance heart health. The Global Cardiovascular Research Funders Forum (GCRFF) is a coalition of major international cardiovascular research funders whose aim is to improve cardiovascular health worldwide by catalysing, supporting, and promoting transformational international research efforts in heart, stroke, and circulatory diseases. The GCRFF works to identify research gaps, coordinate multinational clinical trials, share data, and oversee the international research funding portfolio. 

The coalition aims to accelerate the pace of progress by creating opportunities for cross-border coordination and collaboration between world-leading cardiovascular researchers and organizations. GCRFF members will initially collaborate by sharing information on research funding priorities, strategic initiatives, and clinical trials.

One of the GCRFF’s first areas of focus is facilitating and funding multinational clinical trials. Learn more about the GCRFF Multinational Clinical Trials Initiative.