• If I have to apply to each funder individually, why do I need to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the GCRFF, too?

    The GCRFF is designed to help coordinate the process of funding multinational clinical trials. GCRFF endorsement of your trial idea helps potential funders know what kind of support you might get from other funders. Sharing this information may make your application more likely to be accepted and increase your chances for funding.
  • If I have already applied for NHLBI funding, is it too late to submit a EOI to the GCRFF?

    No, it is not too late. GCRFF endorsement helps NHLBI know what parts of your trial other funders want to support. It also enables NHLBI to better prioritize its clinical trial funding applications.
  • I plan to apply for NHLBI funding, but I will have clinical trial sites in other GCRFF member countries as well as in the United States. Do I need to apply to GCRFF before I apply for NHLBI funding?

    No. You can submit an EOI to the GCRFF at the same time you submit your NHLBI funding application, if you are ready to submit both. You do not need to wait to submit your NHLBI application. Consult your NHLBI Project Officer for more information.
  • The GCRFF did not recommend my application for funding, but invited me to revise and resubmit it. Why should I?

    If the GCRFF does not recommend your application for funding on its first submission, the feedback you receive from NHLBI reviewers and the GCRFF could help you to make the application stronger should you choose to resubmit.
  • The GCRFF did not recommend my application for funding, and I was not invited to resubmit. Can I resubmit anyway?

    If the GCRFF did not invite you to revise and resubmit your application, it is unlikely that it would be worth the time and effort to submit another. However, you still may submit grant applications to individual funders, but the likelihood of success may be lower.