Trialists wishing to participate in the GCRFF Multinational Clinical Trials Initiative will follow this process:

Graphic showing the submission process for the GCRFF Multinational Clinical Trials Initiative

Interested investigators can submit initial proposals or Expressions of Interest (EOIs) for multinational trials via a dedicated portal. EOIs must meet the specified eligibility criteria for consideration, and investigators should review how to apply and our FAQs prior to submission.

GCRFF and Expert Advisory Panel members review and assess the EOIs, endorse trials considered to have merit, and convene to facilitate discussion by relevant national funders accordingly.

Following these discussions, investigators in each country collaborating on a trial can prepare coordinated but individual applications to their country’s funders for support of the trial. The scientific rationale and trial design should be uniform across all funding applications. When the investigators apply, they will know the funders are already aware of their proposal, as well as the GCRFF’s endorsement of it.

Knowing where the trial will be conducted, its full sample size, and the total funding requested will help national funders make informed decisions about whether to support the final application. Funders also can make their decision on the condition the trial will be funded in enough countries to make it viable.

If a sufficient number of funders can support the trial, it can begin at or near the same time in different countries, making it more likely to succeed and its results delivered in a timely fashion.