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General Sites

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Since the 2005 launch of We Can!®, hundreds of organizations have joined the national movement as General Community Sites. These sites include YMCAs, schools, hospitals, parks and recreation departments, universities, private companies, and many others.

This site level is the most basic of the three. The other two—the Intensive Community Site and We Can! City/County levels—require a higher level of commitment because they require that sites offer a greater number of activities.

When you sign up to become a We Can! site, you will receive a welcome email with links to downloadable resources and materials to help get your programming up and running. The NIH also provides General Community Sites with these great benefits:

In exchange, the NIH asks each General Community Site to commit to running any two of the following three activities in one year:

  • One youth program/curriculum
  • One parent program/curriculum
  • One community outreach event

If you are interested in becoming a General Community Site, please contact the We Can! staff at NHLBI_WeCanTeam@mail.nih.gov.

Last Updated: July 23, 2013