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We Can!® Training

Two boys wearing goggles and capes

Online Parent Program Training

We Can! Training in Georgia

Online Parent Program Training

If you're interested specifically in the We Can! Parent Program, you don't even need to leave your desk to receive training for that curriculum. We Can! created an online training that is as close as the click of your mouse. Just fire up your computer, log on, and learn. We Can! developed this nine–chapter training to guide program facilitators in delivering the four–session curriculum specifically geared toward parents, teaching them skills to help the whole family make more nutritious food choices, become more physically active, and reduce screen time. While viewing the training, you can also tap into several other resources that can assist you in launching your We Can! programming or re–energize your current programs through new ideas, tips, and technical assistance.

In addition, registered dietitians may apply for and receive 2 hours of continuing education credits.

Learn more about the online Parent Program training.

Last Updated: May 6, 2015