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We Can!® Resources for Your Organization

Kids throwing balls over their heads

We Can! is flexible and allows almost any group or organization to run it. In fact, We Can! programming is being run by hospitals and health systems, park and recreation departments, schools and universities, local and state health departments, community-based and faith-based organizations, physician practices, and worksite wellness programs. Organizations can add We Can! to their current childhood obesity prevention programs, child nutrition programs, and community health education programs. Local governments, health departments, and public schools can also use We Can! messages to support health policy and environment changes.

Start with the resources below to learn more about We Can! and how your organization can join the movement, then explore the Tools and Resources section for materials and information to help your organization promote We Can!'s messages or your own efforts and successes to help families and children maintain a healthy weight.

Energize Our Community: Toolkit for Actionpdf document icon (5.5 MB)
This toolkit provides an overview of We Can! and how your organization can get involved. It's organized around four Ps: People, Programs, Public Visibility, and Partnering.

Whether you're in rural America, in the inner city, or somewhere in between, you can help parents and youth in your community lead healthier lives. A wide range of community organizations across the country have run We Can! programs and distributed We Can! tools and messages. They include:

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Last Updated: February 29, 2016