CATCH–ing We Can!™ Fever in the New Year

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Posted February 3‚ 2010

We Can! has a new partner on board—one that is helping youth engage in physical activity and healthy lifestyles. To launch the new partnership in the new year‚ FlagHouse Inc.—which provides physical education equipment and resources for health and special education‚ sports and recreation‚ sensory integration‚ and special needs—will promote We Can! through stories in the CATCH catalog; the monthly CATCH eNewsletter; and the program’s annual report.

If you haven’t heard of CATCH® (Coordinated Approach to Child Health) then you need to visit the resources page of the We Can! website‚ and take a closer look at CATCH® Kids Club (CKC)‚ one of three youth curricula included in We Can!’s programming.


CKC helps elementary school–aged children adopt healthy dietary and physical activity behaviors by helping improve the health environments of recreation programs‚ schools‚ and homes.

But CKC is not a stand–alone program. It’s part of CATCH‚ a nationwide program for schools that supports the adoption of healthy behaviors. Children not only learn about healthy eating and physical activity; they also prepare and sample better foods, enjoy healthier school lunches, and share healthier activities and foods with their parents. In a CATCH school‚ students are immersed in an environment that supports and encourages a healthy lifestyle.

In fact‚ a school–based health promotion study supported by the NHLBI showed that CATCH not only helped children eat more nutritiously and be more physically active in school physical education classes; it also played a role in reducing the fat content of school lunches.

FlagHouse Kids

Now‚ the national CATCH program is highlighting its commitment to building a healthier community with We Can! on its website. Take a look by cutting and pasting this link into your browser:

Additionally‚ FlagHouse has agreed to profile our program in some of its other catalogs (including Flying StartPE Catalog) and at some 50 trade shows that the company plans to attend in 2010. The company also recently posted a We Can! article on eating healthy during the holidays.

Visibility in these outlets will help bring We Can! and its messages to people who serve and/or are interested in physical activity for children‚ including physical education instructors‚ parks and recreation staff‚ YMCA staff‚ and others.

Last Updated: February 13, 2013