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The PACE program has been found in two rigorous studies to be highly effective.  In a controlled trial, more than 600 patients of 83 pediatricians in New York and Michigan who participated in PACE were followed from baseline through two years follow-up care.  The study showed that physicians who participated in the program provided clear and concise asthma education and more effective treatment than controls.  Their patients had fewer days with symptoms, fewer emergency room visits, and reduced hospitalizations compared to patients of control group physicians.

Similar results were found in a subsequent trial evaluating the PACE program in 10 cities across the United States, involving over 100 primary care providers and 870 patients.  Evaluation showed that physicians who had attended the PACE program were more likely to inquire about patients' concerns, encourage physical activity, and set goals for successful treatment.  Patients of physicians that participated in the program had fewer days affected by asthma symptoms, as well as fewer emergency room visits.  Additionally, patients who began the study with more frequent asthma symptoms and higher health care utilization were more likely to benefit from their physician's participation in the PACE program.  PACE physicians spent no more time with their patients than other physicians.  You can find these studies and several others in the articles listed on the PACE Bibliography.  Two articles listed in the bibliography are available free of charge:

To date, physicians in numerous communities across the United States, Australia, and Europe have participated in the PACE approach to asthma treatment.

"Participating in the Physician Asthma Care Education (PACE) program has been a very rewarding experience.  I have enjoyed working with clinicians in these informal educational sessions, where we review not only key educational messages for patients with asthma, but also communication strategies which help us convey these messages to our patients.  Clinicians have reported the value of the PACE programs and are impressed with the ease with which they can utilize new strategies in the care of their patients with asthma during routine office visits.  They also appreciate discussing challenging cases with asthma experts and sharing their successful asthma management practices with colleagues."

Karen Meyerson, RN, BSN, AE-C
Manager, Asthma Network of West Michigan

The video clip discusses the evidence of PACE's effectiveness:

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