New Partnership Presentation

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A new, updated version of the Partnership Presentation, Community Partnerships: Helping Children Maintain a Healthy Weight is now available! We revised the presentation so it is more current, succinct, and easier to use. You can download, tailor and use these slides when talking with local organizations that might be potential partners for your community group.

Although all community sites may benefit from local partnerships, We Can!® particularly encourages its Intensive and City/County sites to develop partnerships with local organizations to help with many aspects of We Can! programming. Partners can play an important role in your We Can! programming. From building awareness about childhood obesity, to providing resources, facilities and assistance recruiting participants, local partners can add to the success of your programs.

This presentation will provide partners with current childhood obesity facts, background information on We Can!, and ideas of ways that they can help. We have created the presentation to be customizable, which allows your community site to tailor the presentation to best fit your needs. You are able to edit, add, and highlight aspects that are most relevant to your community site. This will help potential partners learn about the specific programs that you are implementing, understand the benefits to them in forming a partnership with your community site, and have the opportunity to become involved in this very important effort.

The presentation is available for download on our website:
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Last Updated: February 13, 2013