November is National COPD Awareness Month

Mllions of Americans have been diagnosed with COPD, yet millions more have it and don’t know. With early diagnosis and treatment, people with COPD can improve their quality of life and begin to breathe better. This November, join the NHLBI’s COPD Learn More Breathe Better® program on the #COPDjourney to help raise awareness about the disease and share your #COPDperspectives.

Whether you are a patient, a caregiver, a community organization, or a health care provider, we all have a role to play in bringing greater attention to COPD. The resources in this toolkit can help you in your outreach efforts. It includes tips for getting involved, COPD facts, social media resources, public service announcement materials, and more.

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National COPD Awareness Month 2018 Outreach Toolkit


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