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November is National COPD Awareness Month

With early diagnosis and treatment, people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), can improve their quality of life and breathe better.

The month of November provides the COPD community with a distinct time to come together with one voice to focus on increasing awareness of the disease. Across the country, organizations are conducting outreach and holding events to bring greater visibility to COPD and to encourage people to recognize its symptoms and seek diagnosis and treatment earlier.

We hope you will join the Learn More Breathe BetterSM program in our efforts to promote COPD resources and educate others. Here you'll find COPD resources including handouts and fact sheets for patients and caregivers and health and community professionals to download or order print copies.  As you help raise awareness throughout November, join us in focusing on the following weekly themes:



Resource Suggestions 

1 What is COPD?
2 Diagnosing COPD
3 Managing COPD
4 Living with COPD

Find additional resources to share throughout the month of November below.



Order or download COPD handouts, facts sheets and more.  Many of these resources are available in English and Spanish.

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Social Media Resources  

At the links below, you will find suggested posts for Facebook and Twitter that you can customize. Don’t forget to tag @BreatheBetter on Facebook and Twitter and use the #COPDMonth and #BreatheBetter hashtags so we can like and share your content.

November is COPD month






Traditional Media Resources

Not using social media? To get your message out, you can announce National COPD Awareness Month in your internal and external publications; reach out to local media and encourage them to include stories on COPD; and encourage your local radio stations and news outlets to run public service announcements (PSAs).

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