COPD Publications for Health and Community Professionals

Health care providers play an important role in the diagnosis and management of COPD. Often a visit to a physician's office is not triggered by breathing issues and patients do not always fully report their symptoms. Use the resources below to help patients and their families and caregivers learn more about signs and symptoms of COPD to help start the conversation.

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Download additional resources below

Download the publications and presentations below to share valuable COPD information with patients and others in your community.

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What you should know about COPD

What You Should Know About COPD - Presentation for Community Outreach


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COPD National Action Plan Presentation

Talk about the COPD National Action Plan at meetings, conferences, or during webinars. Feel free to use this in its entirety or pick and choose the slides that are most relevant to your audience. 

COPD National Action Plan Slides PPT version


COPD National Action Plan Slides PDF version


COPD Data on Perceptions and Awareness

The Learn More Breathe Better program tracks and gathers insights into consumer and health care provider attitudes and behaviors related to COPD. This includes awareness and knowledge about the disease, experience with symptoms, patient communication and information, and physicians' approaches to COPD treatment and management.

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