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Resources for Organizing and Leading a PACE Seminar

Session basics provides an overview of what is involved in organizing a session. To prepare for hosting and facilitating a PACE session, be sure to watch the Training Videos for Facilitators

Training Videos for Facilitators

Training Video for Facilitators: PACE Program Theory and Concepts

Training Video for Facilitators: Evidence of the PACE Program's Effectiveness

Training Video for Facilitators: The PACE Program Curriculum

Training Video for Facilitators: Tips on How to Promote and Prepare for a PACE Program

Training Video for Facilitators: How to Present the PACE Program

Training Video for Facilitators: Tips on Presenting the PACE Program


Additionally, download the following materials:

PACE Training Manual and Speaker's Guide pdf document icon (4.4 MB): complete instructions on how to deliver the PACE curriculum, including a detailed program overview, suggested scripts, contact list of Master Trainers, and helpful advice for conducting a seminar.

Slide Presentation powerpoint document icon (8.5 MB): all PowerPoint slides needed for both sessions.

Videos for Participants: played for participants during the sessions, these four videos demonstrate communication techniques and the basic messages for patients and their families

You may:

Preview the videos online

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Order the videos on a DVD

Participant Binder Materials pdf document icon (4.4 MB): materials for participant binders, including a review of concepts, sample asthma action plans, and coding models.

Handouts of Slides pdf document icon (3.9 MB): also intended for participant binders; presentation slides in handout format, 3 per page with space for notes.

Recruitment and Facilitation tips pdf document icon (32 KB): additional tips to optimize enrollment strategies and session facilitation.

Master Trainers

If you wish to invite an experienced PACE facilitator (see contact list of master trainers pdf document icon (219 KB)) to provide consultation and/or facilitate your PACE sessions, all arrangements and costs should be worked out directly with the Master Trainer.


If you wish to evaluate the PACE sessions you conduct, the following two resources may be useful:

Slide Presentation on Evaluation Methods powerpoint document icon (100 KB): considers the most effective and appropriate evaluation methods (Text alternative file).

Physician Survey pdf document icon (132 KB): survey used to conduct a pre and post program evaluation.

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Last Updated August 2013

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