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CHW Health Disparities Initiative

Ideas on How to Use These Materials

Does your organization have programs aimed at improving the health of ethnically diverse communities? Could they benefit from using health education materials with key takeaway messages aimed at improving the health and quality of life? If so, these materials produced by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute offer you and the audiences you?re trying to reach the following:

  • Address health topics that matter
  • Written in a popular, easy to read, culturally appropriate style
  • Provide practical and useful tips on how to prevent heart disease, or live better and longer with heart disease
  • Based on the most current and authoritative scientific information available

See the testimonials below on how useful these materials can be from representatives of organizations like yours.

For Community Outreach Groups

Our organization has been dedicated to reducing infant deaths by providing education to pregnant women, parents and their families for more than 20 years. We provide access to prenatal care, education, advocacy and public awareness for all families, but most especially for those who are unable to afford private care. The cookbooks have it right and pinpointed the right people. The recipes were very useful and you can make them at home. The ingredients are obtainable and the reading level is appropriate for our client.?S.C., Maryland

For Hospitals

Our hospital used ?Your Choice for Change - Honoring the Gift of Heart Health for American Indians? I love it! Easy to use. I use the curriculum in cardiac rehab and community education classes. Good for low literacy patients. Lots of visuals and written for the lay person to understand. Patients like it. Visuals and stories are culturally appropriate.?T.C., Arizona

For State and Local Health Departments

Our mission is to enhance the personal and environmental health of our community through education, collaboration, advocacy and direct provision of services. We use the Latino Recipe Book in our work. People love it. We use it a lot at community events and information tables. Promotores gives it to clients at cooking and nutrition classes and demonstrate the recipes. A really big hit!?F.K., Colorado

Our County is an area rich in history with a diverse population and geographical make-up. The result is a rich multi-cultural medley of people that possess a valuable array of talents, interests, dedication to education, and commitment to community. We utilize the publication Heart Healthy Home Cooking African American Style. I selected the publications to have something that was appealing to my audience. I also wanted something that they were willing to pickup and read plus also wanted a book that was relevant culturally and medically.?S.E., Maryland

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