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CHW Health Disparities Initiative

Materials for the Hispanic/Latino Population

NHLBI health information materials are available in a variety of formats through our Online Catalog, and answers to frequently-asked questions about the catalog are available.


Your Heart, Your Life: A Community Health Worker’s Manual for the Hispanic Community is designed to help promotores teach an 11-lesson course on heart health education. It includes scripts, activities, and handouts. It is available in English or Spanish.

Picture Cards

Dibujos educativos para el promotor de salud | Picture Cards for Community Health Workers
This flip chart with 57 illustrated pages is keyed to teaching activities in the Your Heart, Your Life manual. Talking points on the reverse side allow it to be used for talks on heart health. Each page is translated in English and Spanish.

Recipe Books

Platillos latinos ¡sabrosos y saludables! | Delicious Heart Healthy Latino Recipes
This 26-recipe book includes easy taste-tested heart-healthy Latino dishes that are lower in fat and sodium than traditional versions. Each page is translated into English and Spanish.

Your Heart, Your Life – Heart Healthy Latino Recipespdf document icon (4.27MB)
These 6 traditional Latino recipes are presented using lighter, healthier ingredients and cooking methods.


The Healthy Heart, Healthy Homes series on heart healthy living for the Hispanic/Latino community includes an English version and a Spanish version all in each booklet. Each provides practical information on heart disease and its risk factors.

  • Keep the Beat: Control Your High Blood Pressure | Cuide su vida: Controle su presión arterial alta
    This booklet explains how high blood pressure impacts your chances of developing heart disease and how to help control it.
  • Are You at Risk for Heart Disease? | ¿Está usted en riesgo de enfermarse del corazón?
    This booklet shows how the heart works, the nature of heart disease, and what risk factors may impact whether you develop heart disease.
  • Do You Know Your Cholesterol Levels? | ¿Cómo están sus niveles de colesterol?
    This booklet explains good vs. bad cholesterol, what high cholesterol is, high cholesterol risks, and how to lower it.
  • Do You Need to Lose Weight? | ¿Necesita bajar de peso?
    This booklet talks about how to know if you need to lose weight for your health and how to do it.
  • Enjoy Living Smoke Free | Goce de la vida sin el cigarrillo
    This booklet shows the health risks of smoking and provides helpful tips for breaking the smoking habit.
  • Protect Your Heart Against Diabetes | Proteja su corazón contra la diabetes
    This booklet explains the dangers of Type 2 diabetes, and what risk factors you need to monitor to prevent and treat it.

Selected NHLBI Materials

Asthma Checklists

These checklists, formatted as scorecards, can be used by parents and childcare providers to pinpoint specific problems areas for children with asthma. Each is available in an English and Spanish version.

Peripheral Arterial Disease

Read about Peripheral Arterial Disease as it raises your risk for stroke and heart attack. The fact sheet and poster are each available in an English and Spanish version.

Salud para su Corazón

Heart Attack

The Heart Truth

This NHLBI national campaign raises awareness about heart disease and its risk factors among women. These materials are available in Spanish or are written for the Hispanic/Latino population.

We Can!

This NHLBI national movement gives parents, caregivers, and communities a way to help children aged 8 - 13 stay at a healthy weight. These materials are available in Spanish or are written for the Hispanic/Latino population.

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Last Updated: June 2014