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CHW Health Disparities Initiative


Toolkit Tip

Become familiar with our heart health materials before using this toolkit. Then you will know what our materials include and how they are organized. This will help you to Plan Your Program.

A woman peruses the CHW health education materials

Who Can Use the Toolkit

This toolkit is for anyone interested in running a community health worker (CHW) program, such as:

  • CHW and community health representatives planning or participating in a heart health program;
  • People working in a health or similar direct service organization;
  • Public housing program staff;
  • Administrators of organizations running health education programs;
  • Program coordinators;
  • Government, nonprofit, or privately funded public health officials;
  • Community college staff;
  • State and local health departments;
  • Health promotion centers;
  • Health professional associations;
  • Researchers and instructors interested in prevention education; and
  • Others who are interested in developing CHW programs to improve the health of your community.

Use the toolkit whether you are going to run your program for the first time or have been running your program for years. The toolkit will also be helpful if you need just a few heart health tools or a lot of information.

“I think the nicest thing about this training is that it's geared to the community health workers. They are the best messengers for the community.” —Ritabelle Fernandes, Physician with Kokua Kalihi Valley Comprehensive Family Services in Hawaii

How to Use the Toolkit

Choose any of the four sections to learn more about the following:

1 Plan Your Program

This section is for you if…
You are not yet running a heart health program or you would like additional planning tips for a program you are running.

It includes how to…

2 Run Your Program

This section is for you if…
You are not yet running a heart health program but want to learn what is needed to do so or if you are running a program and are looking for additional ideas and guidance.

It includes how to…

3 Sustain Your Work

This section is for you if…
You would like tips on how to keep your program running in the short and long terms.

It includes how to…

4 Get Help and Support

This section is for you if…
You are running a heart health program and would like to tap into our network of support.

It informs you about our…

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Last Updated: June 2014