Updates from the Laboratory of Lymphoid Malignancies

2018 Lab Updates


Congratulations to Dr. Adrian Wiestner for his recent recognition of being named a 2018 Harrington Scholar-Innovator Award recipient.

As an internationally recognized expert in CLL, a Dr. Wiestner’s research aims to develop new and better therapeutics to treat hematological malignancies. Dr Wiestner and his team have recently developed a totally novel method to harness the complement system to potentiate antibody therapy of hematologic malignancies. To this end, his team has developed experimental novel monoclonal antibodies that can be combined with an existing FDA approved therapeutic antibody to effectively deliver a “one-two punch” against cancer cells, including cancers that have developed tumor escape mechanisms to evade killing by conventional monoclonal antibodies. This paradigm shifting research is currently being studied in preclinical models and will hopefully be translated from the bench to the bedside in a first in human trial to be conducted by Dr. Wiestner and his team at the NIH Clinical Center.