- Pathology Facility Research

The Pathology Facility is a morphology core facility, which provides histopathology support for intramural researchers. The Facility offers a range of histopathology services and quality control for morphologic studies and experimental pathology (animal models); and optimizes use of supplies and equipment for all investigators at the NHLBI in which morphological studies and tissue-based molecular studies play a critical role.

The Facility performs all experimental pathology procedures, including tissue function and processing for histology and immunohistochemistry, embedding in paraffin, sectioning and routine H&E staining. We also perform many special histology staining procedures, including von Kossa Calcium, Giemsa, Mason tri-chrome, Oil Red-O (frozen only), Iron, Elastic Van Gieson’s and Movat stain.

The Facility can process frozen tissue sections, submitted as either frozen or as unfixed fresh tissues. Frozen sections can be cut with the thickness of 6-300 microns upon request and mounted on a Plus charged glass slide. Customized cutting techniques are available, such as embedding multiple organs in the same block, cutting sections of various thickness, mounting multiple sections on the same slide and cutting serial sections through whole organs or embryos for both paraffin and cryo-sections.

The Facility can perform immunohistochemistry using both chromogenic or fluorescence labeling. Most reagents and equipment necessary for immunostaining procedures are available, including a high power microwave for antigen retrieval protocols.

For pathological imaging acquisition, the Facility has both a digital histology slide scanner and a light microscopy system equipped with a digital camera, both can provide bright field digital images for data analysis and for publication.

The Facility can train new fellows in tissue sectioning and immunostaining or perform trouble shooting to help investigators obtain the highest quality results.

Zu-Xi Yu
P: (301) 496-5035
F: (301) 480-6560