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Are you an adult who has asthma, or are you willing to be a healthy volunteer? This study aims to test a new and less invasive way to look at the levels of a protein called GSNOR in people who have asthma. High levels of this protein can lead to inflammation (swelling) in the airways. Normally, doctors measure GSNOR levels with bronchoscopy (a tube inserted through your mouth into your airways). But this often requires you to be sedated. In the new approach being studied here, you will breathe in a chemical that your body makes, called GSNO. Researchers will look at how much of the chemical is broken down in your breath. This will tell them what your GSNOR levels are. They will compare the levels between people who have asthma and people who do not to see whether the test works. To participate in this study, you should be between 18 and 80 years old and either have been diagnosed with asthma for at least a year or not have asthma and not smoke. This study is located in Cleveland, Ohio.