Headshot of Dr. Sally Wenzel
NHLBI Celebrates Women Scientists

Sally Wenzel, M.D.


Dr. Sally Wenzel is director of the University of Pittsburgh Asthma Institute and a Professor of Medicine at the university. She is internationally recognized as a leading expert in asthma pathobiology and clinical management, with a special passion for severe asthma. Dr. Wenzel has a strong interest in translational research designed to promote precision medicine efforts in the treatment of asthma. She has been a member of the NHLBI’s Severe Asthma Research Program for over 15 years and is the current Steering Committee Chair, as well as a co-principal investigator for the NHLBI clinical management program, AsthmaNet. Dr. Wenzel has also been the recipient of numerous awards for her work, including special recognition for her role in promoting women in science.

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