Flavors motivate young adults to start using e-cigarettes, contribute to addiction

A study partly funded by the NHLBI found that young adults who use electronic cigarettes are especially influenced by flavors, which motivate them to start vaping, and, later, to continue using them, leading to addiction.

The findings, published in the Journal Addictive Behaviors, were based on a surveyed of about 1,500 U.S. e-cigarette users, aged 18 and older, to determine whether different types of flavors played a role in getting them to start and to continue vaping.

Nearly a third of those surveyed said the availability of flavored e-cigarettes was a major reason they started vaping. Flavors also contributed to the continued practice of vaping, as users of flavored e-cigarettes reported greater satisfaction and self-perceived addiction than users of non-flavored e-cigarettes.