COPD and Rural Health:
A Dialogue on the National Action Plan

COPD is a complex topic to address, especially in rural communities. On March 19, 2018, the NHLBI convened experts in rural health and COPD to discuss challenges, opportunities, and resources as they relate to the COPD National Action Plan.

The discussions held and input received as part of the COPD & Rural Health meeting will help guide the NHLBI, the COPD community, and other stakeholders in exploring opportunities to decrease the burden of COPD.

If you missed the meeting or would like to revisit the discussions, you may watch the full recording and also review the agenda and presentations. Share your thoughts on social media using #COPDRuralHealth.

COPD & Rural Heath dialog on national Health Plan

A visual storyteller documented the conversations around each of the five goals of the Action Plan. View and share the visual representations of the meeting below.

Relevant Resources

To learn more about COPD and rural health, we suggest reviewing the following resources and materials:

• Relevant organizations: Appalachian Regional Commission, Health Resources & Services Administration, and Rural Health Information Hub

COPD National Action Plan and support materials

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