Stories of the Heart


Watch surprising stories about women—of all ages and ethnicities—who have had heart attacks, and what they’re doing now to be heart healthy; as well as videos that can help you take small steps—like being physically active, eating healthier, seeing your doctor, and quitting smoking—for a healthier heart.

Featured Videos

All Stories Are Red

Heart disease is the #1 killer of American women. Watch these powerful stories of four women who have had heart attacks and remind us that we have the power to take action to protect our heart health.

Advice From the Heart: Erika Perez

Wife and mother Erika Perez was just 41 when she suffered a massive heart attack. Watch this video to learn about her commitment to her heart health so she can be there for the ones she loves.


Video Collections

#YourHeartFirst: Interactive Videos

This collection of short videos makes us think about many of the small decisions we need to make every day to be heart healthy—like going for that morning walk instead of sleeping in, or making that appointment to get your blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose checked.

Small Steps for the Heart, #FromTheHeart

These videos show how you can improve your heart health with small steps, including knowing your numbers, being physically active, cooking healthily, de-stressing, and quitting smoking.