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Complete Report

JNC 7 Complete Report: The Science Behind the New Guidelines

This complete version of the updated guidelines for hypertension is written for the health care professional who wants to understand the science behind the new recommendations on high blood pressure. The JNC 7 Complete Report focuses on the new evidence, including a revised treatment algorithm, drug tables, and more. Get this for the health professional or researcher who needs to understand the full scope and significance of the new findings on high blood pressure.

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Item No.: 04-5230
Availability: PDF (978 kb) | Print (Information about file types)

Format: NHLBI produced publications : Color
Page Count: 86 pages
Subject: High Blood Pressure-JNC 7 Guidelines
Audience: Health Professionals
Language: English
Size: 8.5 in. X 11 in.
Date of Publication: 2004