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Public Hearings: Proposed Division of Lung Diseases Reorganization

June 6 - 7 , 2023


The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute held two public hearings to enable discussion of the Institute's proposal to reorganize the Division of Lung Disease (DLD). The proposed reorganization aims to ensure effective oversight, alignment of expertise, and translation of knowledge within and across research areas in the lung disease field. It establishes a new branch structure that will strategically position leadership over DLD programs, balance workload, and enhance depth/succession planning for ingrained operational sustainability. There will be no impact on the National Center on Sleep Disorders Research as a result of the restructuring. The forums allowed members of the public to review the reorganization proposals and submit comments.


Questions or Comments

The public comment period is closed. To view the archived recording of the June 6th public hearing, click on the video below. To read the June 7th Twitter discussion visit the NHLBI DLD Director’s Twitter account or search Twitter for #LungReorg.