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Healthy Heart, Healthy Family/Malusog na Puso, Malusog na Pamilya - Filipino Risk Factor Booklet Set

Series of six easy-to-read booklets in English and Tagalog on heart healthy living for the Filipino community. Each provides practical information on heart disease and its risk factors. Interactive text offers answers to questions and action plans to help the reader take steps to make lifestyle changes for heart healthy living.

Order all 6 booklets as a set and save.

This kit contains the following item(s):

  • Healthy Heart, Healthy Family - Are You at Risk for Heart Disease?/Malusog na Puso, Malusog na Pamilya - Nangangamba Ka Bang Magkaroon ng Sakit sa Puso?
  • Healthy Heart, Healthy Family - Help Your Heart: Control Your High Blood Pressure/Malusog na Puso, Malusog na Pamilya - Tulungan ang lyong Puso: Kontrolin ang lyong Alta Presyon
  • Healthy Heart, Healthy Family - Be Heart Smart: Keep Your Cholesterol in Check/Malusog na Puso, Malusog na Pamilya - Maging Matalino sa Pangangalaga ng Puso: Panatilihing Nasusuri ang lyong Kolesterol
  • Healthy Heart, Healthy Family - Keep the Beat: Aim for a Healthy Weight/Malusog na Puso, Malusog na Pamilya - Sumabay sa Galaw: Gawing Hangarin ang Isang Malusog na Timbang
  • Healthy Heart, Healthy Family - Protect Your Heart: Prevent and Control Diabetes/Malusog na Puso, Malusog na Pamilya - Protektahan Ang lyong Puso: Iwasan at Kontrolin ang Diyabetis
  • Healthy Heart, Healthy Family - Be Heart Healthy: Enjoy Living Smoke Free/Malusog na Puso, Malusog na Pamilya - Masiyahan sa Pamumuhay na Walang Sigarilyo

Item No.: KT-052
Availability: Print (Information about file types)
Format: NHLBI produced publications : Color
Page Count: 6 at 28 pages each
Subject: Heart Disease + Healthy Heart Healthy Family Filipino RF Booklets
Audience: General Public/Patients
Language: English, Tagalog

Date of Publication: 2008

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