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2012 NHLBI Morbidity and Mortality Chart Book

The Morbidity & Mortality: Chart Book on Cardiovascular, Lung, and Blood Diseases is a biennial compilation of data on the size and trends of morbidity and mortality from the cardiovascular, lung, and blood diseases. While most charts describe national prevalence, hospitalizations, and mortality statistics, some of them provide additional information by state or country. Risk factors estimates and the economic costs of these diseases are also included.

This year, the NHLBI is providing two PDF versions of the Chart Book: our standard PDF file that will print out like the printed version, and a PDF file created with improved accessibility for visitors who use screen readers.

Chart Book: Standard PDF document PDF file, (3.1 MB)
Chart Book: Accessible PDF document PDF file, (2.4 MB)

The following PowerPoint slides contain the same information that is available on the Chart Book accessible PDF document, only the format is different. Slides were created for charts found in chapters 3,4 and 5 of the Chart Book.

PowerPoint slides for Microsoft Office 2007 and earlier versions:

Chapter3PDF file (6,183 kb)

Chapter 4PDF file (3,831 kb)

Chapter 5PDF file (1,395 kb)


Information for visitors using screen readers

Information about PDF


If you do not have the Acrobat Reader, you may download a free copy from Adobe

Last Updated May 2013

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