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The NHLBI logo consists of a graphic mark that includes the acronym "NIH" and the name of the Institute (spelled out). The arrow-shape of the NIH mark "points" to the right, implying forward movement and advancement. It also leads the viewers' eyes to the words "National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute."

a graphic preview of the NHLBI standard signature logo.

Note: The NHLBI logo is for Government use only and may only be used with explicit permission from the NHLBI.

Logo files are available in JPG, GIF, and EPS formats. Requests for permission to use the NHLBI logo should describe the exact context of the proposed use and include a specification of the preferred format and should be emailed to the NHLBI Web Manager.

Last Updated: February 1, 2013

Web Image File
  • The Web images provided here are GIFs, suitable for sharp-edged line art to be used on the Web.

Raster Image File
  • Raster graphics are usually used for photographs and photo-realistic images, however they are resolution dependent. They cannot scale up to an arbitrary resolution without loss of apparent quality. This file format is used for printing high quality photographs.

Vector Image File
  • Vector graphics are ideal for simple or composite drawings that do not need to achieve photo-realism. Vector art is key for printing. A vector logo made from a series of mathematical curves so that it can be used in the heading of a print document or enlarged to billboard size without risk of the edges blurring.
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