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"Children are not little adults. They are unique."
Dr. Renee Jenkins

"And [research is] really the only way to bring children into first class citizenship in medical care."
Dr. Gail Pearson

Visit the Kids Files
A documentary video for parents about enrolling their child in a clinical study.

The Importance of Children in Clinical Studies

Children have often had to accept medicines and treatments based on what is known to work in adults. As a society, we should not agree to this "hand-me-down" approach. Many efforts are being made to provide proper research for children, to find the best treatments, drugs, and devices for them.

image of baby in the hospital


  • Messages for Parents and Caregivers
    Pediatric clinician-researchers, doctors, and nurses talk about the importance of conducting clinical trials for children while addressing common questions that parents and caregivers face.
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