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NHLBI-Northwestern University Population Studies Workshop

Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL
July 11—14, 2010

Women’s Health Initiative (WHI)
   Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study (ARIC)


Workshop Objectives:
· To make data from NHLBI-sponsored population studies more accessible and understandable to investigators not currently involved in these long term studies
· To increase opportunities for collaborations among investigators
· To enable each participant to draft a manuscript proposal by the end of the workshop using data from one or more of the population studies presented 

Junior investigators (K-awardees; junior faculty; new Investigators; post-doctoral fellows with previous research experience) are specifically invited to attend.

Presenters include NHLBI staff, senior investigators and data analysis staff from WHI and ARIC.  Registration fee for the workshop is $300 (includes tuition, hotel accommodations, & some meals).  Some financial assistance available. Inquiries are invited.

Additional Information:
For more details regarding the Population Studies Workshop please visit:



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