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Clinical Trials

NHLBI has a strong tradition of supporting clinical trials that have not only shaped medical practice around the world, but have improved the health of millions of people suffering from heart, lung, and blood disorders. If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial, you can find trials at To learn more about what is involved in joining a trial (for yourself or your child), check out “NIH Clinical Trials and You” and the “Children and Clinical Studies” campaign. 

By engaging the research community and a broad group of stakeholders and advisory groups, NHLBI has received input and has established a multi-pronged approach (see “Optimizing our Clinical Trials Enterprise”) that will make our clinical trials enterprise even stronger.

NHLBI’s new funding announcements will help lead investigators to more interpretable, timely, and useful results, which in turn will improve public health. We offer a variety of funding mechanisms tailored to planning and conducting clinical trials at all phases, including pilot studies.

Clinical Trial Development Continuum

To browse current funding opportunities, select the type of clinical trial or study that best aligns with your proposed research.