A postdoctoral fellow position is available in Laboratory of Stem Cell and Neuro-Vascular Biology, Genetics and Developmental Biology Center, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI). We seek a highly motivated candidate who has experience of working with gene manipulations in culture, molecular genetic tools in mice and advanced imaging techniques.

Candidates must have a Ph.D. or M.D./Ph.D. degree awarded within the past 3 years and a record of at least one first-author publication in a high quality peer-reviewed international journal.

To Apply:

Please send an e-mail to me with a curriculum vitae and cover letter describing the following information:

1)A brief description of candidate's past research projects

2)What topics you are interested in the Mukoyama lab?

3)What ideas and techniques you hope to bring to the Mukoyama lab?

4)What is your career goal?

5)The names of 3 references

Post-baccalaureate and Graduate students

If you are looking for a Post-baccalaureate IRTA position or graduate student position in the GPP program (e.g. NIH-Oxford/Cambridge Scholars Program), please contact me with your previous research experiences. We can set up a time to meet or SKYPE. I look forward to your motivation and enthusiasm about research!

Current Vacancies

There are no current openings.