Adrienne Campbell-Washburn, Ph.D.

Stadtman Tenure Track Investigator​ ​


Adrienne Campbell-Washburn, Ph.D., is a Stadtman Tenure ​Track Investigator​ who leads the MRI Technology program at the NHLBI.


Research Interests
- Adrienne Campbell-Washburn, Ph.D.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an established medical imaging modality, providing unparalleled soft tissue contrast combined with good spatial resolution. MRI also has the potential to provide more than just anatomical imaging, e.g. image guidance for interventional procedures, multidimensional information and tissue characterization. The MRI Technology program, led by Adrienne Campbell-Washburn, is focused on the development of advanced cardiovascular MRI techniques, leveraging modern acquisition and reconstruction techniques, as well as state-of-the-art computational resources (GPUs and cloud computing) in the clinical environment. Specifically, the aim is to improve imaging speed, imaging for MRI-guided interventions, motion robustness, quantification, and clinical workflow.


Orloff Science Award