Pradeep Dagur, Ph.D.

Staff Scientist



- Pradeep Dagur, Ph.D.

The Flow Cytometry Core is a state-of-the-art facility to accommodate a range of cell sorting and analysis needs. A wide variety of applications are supported including high speed cell sorting, 15-color cell analysis, cytokine analysis by multiplex bead arrays, imaging flow cytometry, phoshoprotein analysis, and cell cycle analysis.

Cytometers and Instruments

  • 5 laser, 18 color FACSAria II sorter
  • 5 laser, 18 color FACSAria Fusion (BSL rated)
  • 4 laser, 18 color LSR II
  • 5 laser, 18 color  LSR Fortessa
  • 6 Laser 36 color FacsFusion S6 sorter
  • 3 laser,8 color FacsCanto II
  • 2 laser, 6 color FacsCanto I
  • 5 laser, 19 color Fortessa II
  • 4 laser,17 color Fortessa I
  • 5 laser, 19 color FacsAria II sorter
  • 3 laser, FacsMelody sorter
  • Amnis Imagestream Gen-X Mark II
  • Luminex bead array analyzers
  • Quanterix –Simoa-HD analyzer
  • Miltenyi MACS-Pro

Selected Publications

Systematic Analysis of Cell-to-Cell Expression Variation of T Lymphocytes in a Human Cohort Identifies Aging and Genetic Associations.

Authors: Lu Y, Biancotto A, Cheung F, Remmers E, Shah N, McCoy JP, Tsang JS
Immunity 2016 Nov 15;45(5):1162-1175

High-density lipoprotein reduces inflammation from cholesterol crystals by inhibiting inflammasome activation.

Authors: Thacker SG, Zarzour A, Chen Y, Alcicek MS, Freeman LA, Sviridov DO, Demosky SJ Jr, Remaley AT
Immunology 2016 Nov 01;149(3):306-319

Live Attenuated Leishmania donovani Centrin Knock Out Parasites Generate Non-inferior Protective Immune Response in Aged Mice against Visceral Leishmaniasis.

Authors: Bhattacharya P, Dey R, Dagur PK, Joshi AB, Ismail N, Gannavaram S, Debrabant A, Akue AD, KuKuruga MA, Selvapandiyan A, McCoy JP Jr, Nakhasi HL
PLoS Negl Trop Dis 2016 Aug 01;10(8):e0004963