Flow Cytometry Core

The Flow Cytometry Core is a state-of-the-art facility to accommodate a range of cell sorting and analysis needs. This Core supports a wide variety of applications, including high speed cell sorting, 30-color cell analysis, cytokine analysis by multiplex bead arrays (Luminex), imaging flow cytometry (Amnis Image-Stream), phosphoprotein analysis, cell cycle and ploidy analysis, protocol standardization / methods development for high dimensional flow cytometric assays for longitudinal studies. Core also provides training for end users for instrument operation and assay specific training on one-on-one manner.

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The Flow Cytometry Core is a state-of-the-art facility to accommodate a range of cell sorting, cell analysis and Immune monitoring needs. A wide variety of cytometry applications are supported from all types of samples originating from Human, Mouse, Rat, NHP, Drosophila, etc.

  1. Assisted Service Facility (Bldg. 10 section: 8th floor, Room 8C104)
    1. State-of-the-art aseptic sorting under BSL-2 conditions
      1. 1-to-6-way sorting of cells, nuclei, extracellular vesicles, chromosomes.
      2. Low-pressure, gentle sorting for cell cloning, iPSC, and genomics studies (Including single cell RNA Seq and 10X Genomics).
      3. High-speed bulk and single cell sorting for functional and genomics studies.
    2. High parameter cell analyses (up to 30 colors)
      1. Panel development and implementation for immunophenotyping studies.
      2. One-on-one personal assistance for methods development and standardizing protocols for sample preparation, tissue dissociation and deep immunophenotyping. We also support studies investigating apoptosis, cell cycle and ploidy, cell proliferation, drug screening, CRISPR screening/genotyping, and kinetics analysis, such as calcium flux.
    3. State-of-the-art image cytometry (8 colors; up to 60X magnification)
      1. Analyses of nuclear translocation, cellular colocalization, and cell-to-cell interactions.
    4. Multiplexed quantitation of soluble analytes (Luminex platform)
      1. Bead-based immune analyses of blood and body fluids, cell lysates, and culture supernatants.
    5. Training and Consultation
      1. One-on-one personal training for instrument operation, methods development, and troubleshooting.
      2. Teaching of best flow cytometry practices for data generation and analysis.
      3. Perform extended data analyses as needed.
  2. 24 x 7 Self-service Facility
    1. 24 x 7 operation at Bldg. 10 8th floor Corridor C (8C104), for all analyzers and at CRC 3rd floor (Rooms 3-5217, 3-5225, and 3-5209) for all analyzers and the Melody cell sorter by trained users.
    2. Assisted aseptic cell sorting, high parameter cell analyses (up to 15 colors), one-on-one assay specific panel design, methods development, training and teaching best practices of flow cytometry for data analysis services are also available on request using Melody cell sorter, FACS Aria-II sorter, and cell analyzers in CRC 24 x 7 section.


  • 4-way, 5 Laser, 18 color FACS Aria II sorter
  • 4-way, 5 Laser, 18 color FACS Fusion sorter
  • 6-way, 6 Laser, 30 color FACS Fusion S6 sorter
  • 4-way, 5 Laser, 19 color FACS Aria II sorter
  • 4-way, 3 Laser, 9 color FACS Melody sorter
  • 7 Laser, 34 color FACS Symphony A5 Analyzer
  • 5 Laser, 20 color LSR Fortessa Analyzer
  • 3 Laser, 8 color FACS Canto II Analyzer
  • 2 Laser, 6 color FACS Canto I Analyzer
  • 5 Laser, 19 color Fortessa II Analyzer
  • 4 Laser, 17 color Fortessa I Analyzer
  • 5 Laser, 10 colors Amnis Imagestream Gen-X Mark II Analyzer
  • Luminex bead array Analyzer
  • Cytospin

Meet the Team

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Pradeep K. Dagur, Ph.D.

Director and Staff Scientist

Pradeep K. Dagur, Ph.D., is the director of the Flow Cytometry at the NHLBI.


Keyvan Keyvanfar

Section Chief