Yuesheng Li

Yuesheng Li, Ph.D.

Core Director



Yuesheng Li, Ph.D., is the director of the DNA Sequencing and Genomics Core Facility at the NHLBI.


- Yuesheng Li, Ph.D.

The DNA Sequencing and Computational Biology Core (DSGC) was established in 2010 to meet the increasing demands of NHLBI investigators for next-generation sequencing. The main goal of the DSGC is to foster large-scale genomics research at DIR by providing access to cutting-edge sequencing instrumentation and genome technology. As an integral part of the research community at NHLBI, the DSGC provides standard and advanced services for experimental consultation, data acquisition and computational analysis.

Selected Publications

A homozygous PMS2 founder mutation with an attenuated constitutional mismatch repair deficiency phenotype.

Authors: Li L, Hamel N, Baker K, McGuffin MJ, Couillard M, Gologan A, Marcus VA, Chodirker B, Chudley A, Stefanovici C, Durandy A, Hegele RA, Feng BJ, Goldgar DE, Zhu J, De Rosa M, Gruber SB, Wimmer K, Young B, Chong G, Tischkowitz MD, Foulkes WD
J Med Genet 2015 Apr 13

Glucocorticoid-resistant Th17 cells are selectively attenuated by cyclosporine A.

Authors: Schewitz-Bowers LP, Lait PJ, Copland DA, Chen P, Wu W, Dhanda AD, Vistica BP, Williams EL, Liu B, Jawad S, Li Z, Tucker W, Hirani S, Wakabayashi Y, Zhu J, Sen N, Conway-Campbell BL, Gery I, Dick AD, Wei L, Nussenblatt RB, Lee RW
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2015 Mar 31;112(13):4080-5

miR-501-3p mediates the activity-dependent regulation of the expression of AMPA receptor subunit GluA1.

Authors: Hu Z, Zhao J, Hu T, Luo Y, Zhu J, Li Z
J Cell Biol 2015 Mar 30;208(7):949-59

A Meta-analysis of Gene Expression Signatures of Blood Pressure and Hypertension.

Authors: Huan T, Esko T, Peters MJ, Pilling LC, Schramm K, Schurmann C, Chen BH, Liu C, Joehanes R, Johnson AD, Yao C, Ying SX, Courchesne P, Milani L, Raghavachari N, Wang R, Liu P, Reinmaa E, Dehghan A, Hofman A, Uitterlinden AG, Hernandez DG, et. al
PLoS Genet 2015 Mar 01;11(3):e1005035