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KOMP: NIH Knockout Mouse Project

Program Description

The goal of the NIH-funded Knockout Mouse Project (KOMP) is to generate a comprehensive resource of null mutant alleles, with a reporter, using gene targeting mutagenesis in mouse strain C57BL/6. The construction of the KOMP mutant collection is being funded in projects submitted in response to RFA-HG-05-007 and RFA-DA-06-009. The purpose of the KOMP is to establish a resource repository to collect and archive the null mutant alleles, primarily in the form of cryo-preserved embryonic stem (ES) cells, as well as associated DNA constructs, and cryo-preserved embryos or live mice created by the KOMP. The successful KOMP repository should aim to become self supporting over time.

The NHLBI Program Officer for KOMP is Terry Thrasher, Ph.D.

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Program Start and End Date

June 2006 to March 2011

Original Funding Announcement (FOA)

Knockout Mouse Project Initiatives

Last Updated January 2011

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