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Participating Health Care Providers

Artwork depicting a stethescope and medical chart

How Are Medical Providers Involved In The Study?

The Healthy Communities Study (HCS) contacts medical providers to request copies of the medical records of children in the study. We contact medical providers only for those children whose parents or legal guardians have signed a Medical Record Release Authorization Form allowing us to access their child’s medical chart.

How Will This Contact Be Done?

Our study partner, Examination Management Services, Incorporated (EMSI) contacts the child’s main medical provider to get a copy of the child’s medical records. EMSI sends a copy of the Medical Record Release Authorization Form signed by the child’s parent or legal guardian to the medical provider. EMSI works within each medical office’s protocols and procedures to get the child’s medical record. Every effort is made to keep the medical record data secure and protect the child’s privacy during the process of obtaining the medical record.

What Information Is Collected From The Child’s Medical Record?

From the medical records we collect the child’s height and weight history. We also collect information on nutritional, physical activity, or sedentary activity counseling and any on-going health conditions (such as asthma or diabetes) and associated prescriptions listed in the child’s charts. These data are used to help us understand the child’s past and current health.

More information on the study can be found on the Study Overview page.

Last Updated September 2013

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