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Participating Community Members

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In each community visited, key people are interviewed who know about programs and policies in their community related to healthy eating, physical activity, or health among children. The interview collects information on what types of programs and policies have been occurring during the past ten years.

How Are Community Members Selected?

In each selected community, about 12 community members in different types of key community roles are selected to take part in the study. Community members will be identified through their positions in the community (for example, the Principal of a recruited school, an Urban Planner, etc.) and by asking for recommendations from other community members. Selected community members must know about programs and policies on children’s eating and physical activities in that community.

What Does The Selected Community Member Have To Do For The Study?

The community member is asked to take part in one interview with a researcher from the study team. The community member is also asked to provide to the study any available documents about the programs or policies with which they are familiar.

How Are Community Members Contacted?

Community members are first contacted by phone or email to schedule a time to complete a brief screening interview; if the community member is eligible and is interested in participating in the study, then an appointment is set up for an interview. The interview takes place in-person at the community member’s place of business, or over the phone if we cannot arrange an in-person meeting.

How Long Will The Interview Take And What Types Of Questions Are Asked?

The interview takes about 90 minutes to complete. During the interview we ask questions about the community member, their community, their organization, and we ask for information about programs and policies in the community related to keeping children healthy, such as the type of program and its goals.

Does The Community Member Get Anything For Participating?

To thank them for participating in the study, a small gift worth $10 is provided to the community member.

Last Updated September 2013

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