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A Digital Forum: Challenges in Cardiovascular Epidemiology

A Conversation about the Future

words on pieces of paper, including: ideas, inspiration, collaboration, and innovation The goal of this digital Epidemiology Forumexternal disclaimeris to facilitate an active and highly engaged discussion of the future of epidemiology in general and as it relates to the study of cardiovascular diseases in particular. The conversation is not an empty exercise, but will influence future program directions at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

Four key broad challenges have been identified in a commentary in the American Journal of Epidemiologyexternal disclaimer.

  1. How can we avoid wasting resources on studies that provide little incremental knowledge?
  2. How can we assure that we direct as economically as possible our resources towards innovative science?
  3. How can we be nimble, responding quickly to new opportunities?
  4. How can we identify prospectively the most meritorious research questions?

Approximately every two weeks epidemiologists from both the NHLBI and from the research community will post short and provocative commentaries that will guide the discussion in the Forum. The key success, though, depends on the critical discussion that follows these commentaries. The NHLBI is looking for creative thinking on these broad questions. This Forum is different from some others and from many NHLBI working groups, in that we are not requesting specific hypotheses related to the subject matter of heart, lung, blood and sleep. Without abandoning what has successfully worked in the past, we are requesting how to conduct research in a changing world of research capabilities and funding.

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A Digital Forum: Challenges in Cardiovascular Epidemiologyexternal disclaimer