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NHLBI SBIR Technology Transfer Program

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About the NHLBI SBIR Technology Transfer (SBIR-TT) Program

The NHLBI SBIR-TT program is an innovative mechanism designed to transfer technologies that address mechanisms, diseases, or disorders within the NHLBI mission from the NHLBI intramural research labs to the private sector. The program combines an SBIR award with a license to develop NHLBI technology. If selected for SBIR funding, the small business will be granted a royalty-free, non-exclusive internal research-use license. The license will be for the term of and within the field of use of the SBIR award to technologies held by NIH with the intent that the small business will develop the invention into a commercial product to benefit the public.

The NHLBI Division of Intramural Research performs high quality and innovative research in a variety of basic, translational, and clinical areas, including imaging, diagnostics, regenerative medicine, genetics, genomics, developmental biology, cellular and gene therapy, and cell and molecular biology related to heart, lung, blood, and sleep disorders and diseases. For more information about the research and investigators in the NHLBI Division of Intramural Research, please visit the website.

An NHLBI intramural investigator may provide assistance to awardees in a collaborative manner by providing technology, reagents and/or discussions during the SBIR award period.


Any project that fits within the NHLBI mission and relies on the use of an NHLBI intramural technology is eligible for this award. Please see the NHLBI Office of Technology Transfer and Development for more details on NHLBI licensing opportunities, including a search engine.

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To learn more about the NHLBI SBIR-TT award, see the Notice (NOT-HL-11-164) and Program Announcement (PA-11-347) in the NIH Guide or contact us.

Last Updated March 2012

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