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Annual Phase I Contract Solicitation

Submission date: December 3, 2013. This solicitation is now closed.

The NHLBI participates in the NIH Annual Phase I Contract Solicitation. Contract proposals must be responsive to one of the NHLBI contract topics (shown below) published in the solicitation.

The NHLBI topics for FY2014 are below. For more information on how to apply, see the FY2014 Contract Solicitation.

NHLBI Topics for FY2014

Click on the topics below for detailed information.

081 Passive MRI Cardiovascular Guidewire
082 MRI Myocardial Needle Injection Catheter
083 Transcatheter Pulmonary Artery Resistor
084 Value of Information Models for Clinical Trial Assessment
085 Development of Molecular Imaging Agents and Methods to Detect High Risk Atherosclerotic Plaque
086 Tools for Educating Children about Clinical Research

Topics for previous years: FY2012, FY2013.

Last Updated April 2014

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