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044 Development of Induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) Cell Lines for Use in Cell-based Bioassays

NHLBI SBIR/STTR Contract Topic

(Fast-Track proposals will be accepted.)

Number of anticipated awards: 2-5

Recent technology enabling the production of induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) cell lines has created significant opportunities for the development of new cell lines as products for use as cell-based bioassays such as in screening assays. The technology provides the means to expand the iPS cell lines to the numbers needed for bioassay applications and will enable the derivation of cell lines with specific phenotypic or genetic characteristics uniquely suited to specific assay requirements. Thus, iPS cell lines represent an excellent substitute for improving upon cell-based assays currently carried out with existing lines or limited supplies of primary cells. Basic research studies are needed to obtain sufficient quantities of the iPS cell line to test their suitability and for comparison to existing assay methods. And fundamental research to improve upon the methods used for iPS cell derivation will accelerate all commercial opportunities. The availability of the initial cell lines as products will benefit those investigators utilizing these assay tools in their research as well as serve as prototypes for investigators who may wish to develop new bioassays using iPS cell lines.

The goal of this solicitation is the development and production of new bioassays based on iPS cell technology to be used for research purposes and to be made available to the scientific community. The assays may be designed for basic research applications and potentially for future clinical assays. The derivation and expansion of the cell lines must be well defined and produced under appropriate manufacturing practices and quality control. The cell-based bioassay must be developed and validated including the use of existing assays as comparators. The successful applicant must develop a production plan to commercialize the assay.

Phase I proposals should focus on the development of a well-characterized iPS cell line and bioassay for research applications. Investigations in this phase will involve laboratory research and early scale-up studies.
Phase II proposals shall focus on scale-up and production of a bioassay for distribution. Assay validation will be required.

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Last Updated December 2011

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