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Contracts: Opportunities and Procedures

A contract is another type of mechanism used by NHLBI to create animal models, develop and test devices and to conduct clinical research. A proposal is written by an individual or non-federal organization to enter into a contract, usually in response to a request for proposal RFP but which can also be investigator initiated. The proposal consists of a technical and a business proposal, including a description of the project and its costs, as well as the methods, personnel, and facilities to carry it out.

Contracts generally define very specific needs in the statement of work( SOW ). They will identify the evaluation criteria and provide detailed instructions on the content for the proposal and submission date.

Contracts undergo a peer review process that is similar to grants with a team of reviewers who have expertise in the particular subject area. This is called the technical review. Proposals with scores in the competitive range will be considered for further negotiations. Much of the information in contracts is confidential, including the identity of offerors, and will not be disclosed. After the contract is awarded, all offeror s will be informed of the number of proposals submitted, the identity of the successful offeror, the dollar value and period of performance.

A number of resources exist that can help you to become more knowledgeable about contracts or to help you begin the application process:

NIH Contracting Information and Resources gives general information on contracts.

A Guide to the NIH Acquisition Process” provides assistance to potential contractors not familiar with the acquisition program. The handbook answers questions most frequently asked, e.g., how to learn about NIH plans to award a contract, how to submit proposals, how proposals are evaluated, etc.

Data security issues are addressed in NHLBI Information Technology Security Policies, Forms and Procedures for Contracts.

The NHLBI Grants and Contracts site lists RFPs currently available as well as an archive of older RFPs.

Contacting the Office of Acquisitions:
Director, Office of Acquisitions
John C. Taylor
Phone: 301-435-0330

Deputy Director, Office of Acquisitions Chris Belt
Phone: 301-435-0330

Extramural Contracts Branch
Chief, Rick Phillips
Phone: 301-435-03405

COAC Services Branch
Chief, Joanna Magginas
Phone: 301-435-0355

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