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Are you a Hispanic adult with high blood pressure that is not well-controlled and an established patient at the Health Policy Research Institute? This study is looking at different ways to educate people with high blood pressure to help them remember to take their medicine correctly. Over 4 to 8 weeks, participants will have four educational sessins with a healthcare provider to learn about high blood pressure and blood pressure medicine, as well as lifestyle strategies to improve health and well-being. This study takes place in Irvine, California.
Adult, Older Adult
Do you have symptoms of a lung disease (such as long-term wet cough, bronchiectasis, or recurrent pneumonia) with no genetic diagnosis? This study aims to develop new ways to diagnose primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD) or primary immune deficiency (PID), two conditions that can have similar symptoms. Researchers will combine information from genetic testing, lung imaging, and lung function tests to diagnose and tell the difference between these two conditions. Participants in this study must be 5 to 45 years old and must have symptoms of a serious lung disease but no diagnosis. This study is taking place at multiple locations in the United States and in Canada, including the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.
Child, Adult